Started in 1988 Sue's Crew Maintenance Landscaping has become one of the best Lawn care and supply Companies in the south west suburbs our goal is to continue to give you our most respected customers the very best service that all who have done business with us have come to know and enjoy.
And encourage you to send us new customers.

If you're looking for Landscaping supplies such as Sod, Decorative rocks, Mulch or Rock Salt for your side walks and drive ways for the winter, we can ship right to your door.
If you don't have a truck or van don't worry,we also can pickup and deliver Landscaping supplies from other Landscape and supply Companies of your choice.
Need professional Lawn Care?
We got you covered, whether commercial or residential, we do weekly Grass Cutting, Edging, Line-Trimming and Blowing off side walks and drive ways.
For the fastest way to get service or delivery to your commercial or residential location,
Email Andre the Owner at
Or by telephone at (708) 577-9251 Or Toll Free at (800) 360-9569. 

Sue's Crew Maintenance Landscaping Lawn Care Supplies

Is your home at one with nature? LET US help.

Sue's Crew Maintenance Snow Plowing Oak Lawn And Southwest Suburbs

Text us at (708)577-9251 or Toll Free (800) 360-360-9569

Low Cost Snow Plowing.

If you want a quote from a landscape architect, contact us.